Well, I guess I’m doing a blog again. This should be interesting.

Most of the blog-things I’ve done in the past were some attempt at a personal journal that were aborted either because creeps were creeping about, or I just couldn’t be bothered to maintain it. I know I have some of my old blogs of such a nature floating about the Internet, and make me cringe with their pubescent hyperbole. Oh well.

What makes this one different is that although I’ll be talking about myself from time to time here, it won’t be in any kind of explicit personal detail—that I reserve for my handwritten journal. I’ve been keeping a handwritten journal for nearly a year now, and I’m very proud of both that and the fact that I’m now on my third notebook after having already filled up two. But I’ve been wanting to write a lot of things as well about my general thoughts on the world that would seem far too self-indulgent for my journal, especially when they affect my life indirectly rather than directly but still stir strong emotions in me. Enter the blog.

The name of my blog may seem a little strange, but it does have personal significance to me. As I have what’s known as Pure-O OCD, I am prone to having bizarre, surreal thoughts, and a common theme for me since I started treatment for it last year (at which time I also started my handwritten journal) is the image of blood as ink. When I write, I do in a sense feel like I am draining tension from my blood, not blood-“letting” so to speak, but letting what poison there may be out of my body…alas, I have not yet written with a proper ink pen! Ink, to me, then, symbolizes passion, and is more appropriate and less violent of a metaphor to a writer than blood. The ink concept also ties into language, one of my chief passions along with music, and I hope to devote much of this blog to the intersection of language and social justice movements, particularly feminism and neurodiversity advocacy. That has stirred a lot of thought in me that occasionally does trouble me when I let it stew, but it helps to talk about it—yet I can’t always have that, so this will be my “screen therapist” at times, just as I call my handwritten journal my “paper therapist.” Even so, I hope to write about things that are relevant to the world at large and not just navel-gazing—in the next few days, I hope to write about the problem with pronouns, throwing rocks (metaphorically, of course—I prefer my revolutions from the inside out) at the Powers That Be, and a little something I like to call the “Gatsby Effect.”

I hope to express what “ink” has been flowing about in my mind through this blog, and I hope there are others out there who appreciate it!

NOTE: This was originally published on March 25, 2010 as part of my old URL. I’ve fixed it now.